Reception at Lamars Donuts HQ

Tiffany Machin

Reception at Lamars Donuts HQ


The following image is a digital rendering I conceptualized for the Interior Architecture + Design Department Studio 3 Student Office Project. This multi-media project utilized three softwares for the final product. Lines and forms began to take shape in the architectural software Revit. Materials, light, and shadows were brought to life through the rendering software Enscape. The final touch-ups were applied using Photoshop. Through the combination of these softwares, a clear and communicative understanding of the visual aesthetics and the functionality of the space are provided. This project was inspired by the Pop-Art movement and its connection to American foods. The reason I based my conceptual design on Pop-Art is because every interior designer must place the client’s needs and values at the forefront of every project.

Lamar's Donuts is a company that values its history and dedication to helping local communities. At the company’s inception in the late 1950s, so began the Pop Art movement. Pop Art places a common object, in this case, a donut, as the center of a cultural experience. Lamar’s Donuts and Coffee products are centered around spreading joy and vivacity with America’s favorite dessert. My design uses environmental graphics to showcase the company's dedication to its ethics. In “Reception at LaMars HQ,” elements of design like repetitive patterns for visual stability and continuity are the foundation of the reception area’s design. The circular frames on vertical posts are a feature that showcases LaMar’s company values of tradition and community with historic company photos, broken up with solid colors throughout. A metal etched artwork hovers above the waiting area to represent the company’s product and its connection to the site location, Denver, Colorado. This digital rendering represents how workplace design is not just about selecting desks and light fixtures, but it is about how branding connects space and values to create a fun, uplifting experience to the 9-5 workday.

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