About Us

Florida State University enjoys a longstanding tradition of giving students the foundation they need to change the world.  Our success is noteworthy, but now we have created a space that provides a sense of community among our very brightest, most hard-working students and provided them with the level of support that allows them to reach new levels of success. That was our objective in creating  the Honors, Scholars and Fellows House.

“The Honors, Scholars and Fellows House represents the culmination of a vision to create a nurturing, synergistic community of our brightest students,” said Karen Laughlin, late Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

The Honors, Scholars and Fellows House is appropriately located in the heart of our campus, facing Landis Green. Bringing our most talented and motivated students together in such an inspirational setting will enable them to share creative ideas, build lasting relationships, discover new ways of thinking and tap into academic services, programs and mentoring like never before. The house will bring together under one roof major programs that support student achievement, including the Honors Program, Office of National Fellowships, Office of Undergraduate Research, the graduate Fellows Society, Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards, the Program for Instructional Excellence and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

“The house demonstrates the commitment of the university to academic achievement,” said Nancy Marcus, late Dean of the Graduate School. “It will provide an environment that fosters scholarly community and the intellectual growth of undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.”