Morra - Fata Morgana

Nicolina Morra

Fata Morgana

My work explores the instinctive human tie to symbolic fantasy emanations and peculiar psychological connection with objects known as participation mystique. This idea denotes a particular psychological connection with certain objects and consists of the fact that one is bound to it by a direct relationship which amounts to partial identity. I believe that we are intimately connected to things that we choose to surround ourselves with, regardless of the irrational nature of the relationship, and that these objects have the power to shape our identity and our sense of self. This interconnectedness is rooted in a shared, unconscious realm of symbols and archetypes revealed in my work.

Approaching this exploration from a female perspective, I delve into the intricate psychological bonds that women form with the material aspects they embrace. In my artistic narrative, objects transcend mere possessions; they become conduits of shared stories and silent witnesses to personal evolution. This nuanced relationship is poignantly conveyed through the portrayal of warped and distorted objects in my work, challenging conventional notions of materialism. A Fata Morgana is a complex form of mirage that makes objects appear distorted, elevated, or even inverted. The term mirage comes from the Latin “mirari,” meaning “to look at, to wonder.” Fata Morgana, a vanity and shrine carefully intertwined, functions as a space to do just that. Fata Morgana, stereotypically “feminine” objects that correlate with notions of “classic beauty,” such as pearls and perfume bottles, are depicted on the distorted plane. The center remains empty, opening to a field of clouds and challenging the viewer to question what their personal shrine may be.

Utilizing oil paints as my chosen medium, I embrace their versatility to craft intricate, yet warped depictions of specific objects. The slow-drying nature of oil paints aligns seamlessly with my meticulous approach, enabling refined detailing and expressing the depth of dedication offered to these selected objects. Through this artistic process, I aim to capture the essence of a peculiar and transformative relationship, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay between identity, femininity, and the symbolic resonance found within the material realm.