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Craig Moore III

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Concerned with the symbolic imprint of spectacle culture on the world and its peoples,my work explores themes of ecological and social decay. Interested in the construction and performance of human identity, I emphasize the power of manifestation, reclamation, and rebirth within this broad social context. Through short-form video works and virtual environments, I combine sounds, moving images, and photogrammetric scans to juxtapose foreboding architecture against expansive natural views. The post-human landscape, one dotted in decommissioned structures and discarded technologies, informs the aesthetic and material focus of my work. In a reality dominated by illusionary image-meanings and information oversaturation, I dedicate my practice to my surroundings; the environment I wish to preserve, the peoples I work to depict, the Earth as we’ve inherited it.

Drawn to the frequently unstable results it can produce, photogrammetry has completely subsumed my former photographic practice. Cultivating a glitched-out hyper-reality, I purposefully disrupt the photogrammetry process, revealing a familiar environment marred with impossible rips and distortions. The exchange between the apparatus, myself, and the environment is fragmented and conversational. Imperfect topographies form as automated compromises are made instantaneously and invisibly within the scanning apparatus. The turbulent passage from the material world to the virtual fundamentally alters the subject. It is a process of active translation, and I’m drawn to what is lost along the way.