To Love

Isabella Falbo

To Love


Isabella Falbo is from Naples Florida and has lived there her whole life up until 2017 when she began college at Florida State University. She is a visual artist pursuing a bachelor degree in fine arts at Florida State University. She has concentrations in Painting, Drawing and Figure. She plans to pursue a career in higher education for Fine Arts.

Her current art practice is focused on exploring vulnerability, using fruit as a metaphor. Similar to how you peel back layers of fruit, you peel yourself open little by little until you trust the other person in the relationship. But even when there is trust, there is always the possibility that they can hurt you and break your heart as easily as breaking the thin membrane covering an orange slice. And this is the risk of love and friendship but vulnerability is essential to these; you cannot have strong relationships without it. She wants to demonstrate through her work that being vulnerable with another person is as beautiful as it is scary.

Falbo works mainly in oil paint on canvas to produce her work. Though, she also uses graphite and colored pencil. Most all of her paintings are based on photographs that she takes in the planning stages of her work. The other reference materials she uses are bits and pieces she finds from sources in books or the internet. She works in a realistic style that she believes reflects her attitude of the world, as she has a very practical perspective, but at the same time a great appreciation and awe for it as well.

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