Hess - Plants have feelings too

Lauren Hess
College of Fine Arts - Art Therapy (Master’s)

Plants have feelings too

Lauren Hess, a Southern California native, pursued her undergraduate studies at the University of San Diego, where she double majored in psychology and visual arts. Throughout her academic journey, she delved into various art mediums, with oil painting emerging as her primary focus. Influenced by her Latina heritage, Lauren draws inspiration from Frida Kahlo, particularly admiring Kahlo's integration of nature into her artwork. Raised with a deep appreciation for the land due to her Latina and Native American background, Lauren feels compelled to advocate for the rights of plants within her artistic expression. Proficient in diverse mediums such as watercolor, chalk pastels, charcoal, acrylic paint, clay, oil painting, and yarn work, Lauren finds her creative sanctuary in oil painting, relishing its blending properties and layering capabilities. Through oil painting, she captures the essence of nature, seamlessly merging realism with surrealism in her compositions.

Artwork Description:

Lauren Hess's artwork “Plants have feelings too” delves into the notion of plant consciousness and the consequences of human neglect. Through this piece, she highlights the perspective of plants as sentient beings with emotions and feelings. It serves as a poignant tribute to the plants that have perished due to neglect, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and respecting their intrinsic value as living organisms.