Fire Eyes

Maya Herbert

Fire Eyes

Honorable Mention

My name is Maya Herbert, born and raised in Orlando, FL. I have grown up around artists, both of my parents being in the field. Ever since I was little I would wander my mother's community art studio, going from artist to artist asking questions. Yet, trying to find my artistic path has been the hardest part of my journey. So I decided to focus on myself to find clues. My last project Fire Eyes was all designed in detail on Illustrator, then cut out onto cardboard on a laser cutter. I designed a tiger because since I can remember, tigers have always been an important symbol in my life. I wanted to explore my connection to tigers, to try to find out more about myself. Tigers are a personal totem from childhood representing power, passion, and protection. Theorists say there is an interconnectedness of all things. That is part of the path of self discovery I am on. Translating past, present and things I love all in different expressions, using the modern tools available to me.

Fire Eyes is a 3D laser cut cardboard piece. It consists of 10 layers of cardboard, all individually designed on Illustrator. I think we can find lots of symbolism in animals and qualities that we desire or resent and that is the main focus of this piece. I designed a tiger because I have always had a deep connection to that animal. It has such intricate designs in order to make it more beautiful and spiritual. I chose piercing yellow eyes as the only color in the piece to bring life and mystery.

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