A Contemporary Theibaud

Megan Hatch

A Contemporary Theibaud


I have always loved creating art. There is just something about it, the ability to create, and the ability to create something beautiful, that I always enjoyed. Whether or not I liked the end product, it's the process and the act of art-making that is my favorite. When I create artwork, I see it as more of a narrative. Illustration is perhaps the word I would use to describe my style of work. I have a love for character creation, world-building, and story-lines, and when I make an art piece, they usually end up with at least one of these aspects. Drawing has become my primary medium, and I often use pencil, Micron pens, and markers in my drawings. They are able to express the kind of lines and bright colors that I like to implement in my work and create a highly stylized narrative.

In this piece, I explored the types of novelty sweets that have gone viral in today's world and depicted them in a way like that of famous painter Wayne Thiebaud. I wanted to tie in the elements of both consumerism and playfulness, Pop and Contemporary Art, to create something that translates the way our ever-changing society views novelty. A sort of homage to Thiebaud, I implemented exaggerated color and high contrast of appealing foods, much like the oil paintings he created of cakes and other items.

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