Honors, Scholars, and Fellows Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Honors, Scholars, and Fellows Student Advisory Board (HSF SAB) is to serve as a voice for students’ ideas and desired resources and to generate value-added programs and policies to advance the HSF mission and collaboration of HSF programs.

HSF SAB Charge

  • Provide critical feedback about HSF student priorities to HSF staff
  • Represent the HSF student community in applicable staff meetings
  • Communicate updates between HSF staff, leadership, and the SAB
  • Identify any issues affecting collaboration among key constituent groups in the HSF community
  • Assist in ongoing HSF collaboration and marketing efforts by cross promoting events
  • Create and coordinate an HSF student event calendar


Current Board Members

Board Members

  • Aaron Brock | Graduate Student
  • Abdullah Malik | Graduate Student
  • Ava Twamley | Undergraduate Student 
    Genevieve Reynolds | Undergraduate Student 
    Isabella Eaton | Undergraduate Student
    Jade McLeod | Undergraduate Student
    Jordan Rose | Undergraduate Student
  • Jovan St. Victor | Undergraduate Student
  • Liam White | Graduate Student
    Madeline Feiock | Undergraduate Student
    Maria Aleman | Undergraduate Student
    Melanie Leon | Undergraduate Student
    Nicholas Reese | Graduate Student
    Olivia Csernecky | Undergraduate Student
    Rachelys Jorrin | Undergraduate Student
    Sean Dougherty | Graduate Student
    Shane O'Connor | Undergraduate Student
  • Amy Haggard, Advisor

Programming and Events Committee Members: Ava Twamley, Genevieve Reynolds, Jovan St. Victor, Liam White, Melanie Leon, Olivia Csernecky

Social Media and Communications Committee: Madeline Feiock, Shane O'Connor

Volunteer Committee: Isabella Eaton, Jade McLeod, Maria Aleman, Nicholas Reese

Board Member Specifics

  1. One-year renewable terms.
  2. Meetings will be determined based on student availability and class schedule. Scheduling will be monthly or biweekly.
  3. Regular participation in HSF activities and meetings will be essential if the board is to be effective. Therefore, if an individual misses more than two meetings, they may be dismissed from the board.